Self portrait - Plaster of Paris carved cast.   2005 
"Animated Happy Face Mask" with Afghany head piece & Goggles. 2000 . Red Cedar & Acrylic Paint. 11"x7 " 
"Female North- west coast"Mask " Red cedar wood with acrylic paint.1997. Created for T.V. Series "Cold Squad" Season 1. Episode 9. Salty Cheever"Created 3 Masks in 3 different stages of creation and Decorated the Film Set in which they played in. See Filmography.
"Arthur" Articulated Marrionette carved in pine wood. 1994. Guarments by Denise Britt.16"x6"
"Ancient Mexican Ant eater Mask" 
Carved wood & acrylic paint.
January 2000.14"x5"
"Voluptuous Female". 2001.Formed and carved in paper pulp & plaster  for T.V Series "Glory Days"Miramax / Warner Bros. 2001
Architectural Celtic ornament. Carved red cedar wood. March 1999. 11"x 35.5"x 1.5"
Architectural Mexican Ornament. Carved red cedar wood. May 1996. 11"x 32"x 1.5"
30 ft. Crystal clusters & Vessel for Feature Film "The Core". Vacuuform plexiglass & Styro foam
Moon Mask. Red Cedar, copper onlays & paint. Collaboration with Isaac Tait, Nisga clan, Canada
El Sol, Ceiba wood, 3 ft round
"Animation Awards" created for Tom Green Feature Film : "Freddy got fingered". 20 th. Century Fox
Life size Toy. Carved & painted wood. 
Hasbro Toys, Small Soldiers Commercial

African style Mask, 
carved wood, 2 ft. high
Carved Frame, pine wood, celtic knot, 11"
"Beaver". Collaboration with Isaac Tait. Alder wood
Collaboration with Davide Pan. Created "Live" at the Pemperton Music Festival, B.C. '08Welded Steel from old farm & tractor parts  and oil paint, donated by local farmers for the creation of  The New Pemberton Arts Center & public sculpture project.
African Djembe Drum, I carved the detail on my own drum.
"Gratitude" to the Divine Feminine
Carved red cedar wood
April 2010. 9.5" x 6 "