The following photos are film sets of which I have mostly been the lead set dresser for the set decoration department, in some cases I have been a sculptor, on-set dresser and even Production Designer for a music video in Bali, Indonesia. Most of the sets have been shot in Vancouver's locations & studios and other parts of British Columbia like Victoria, Pemberton & the Okanagan area. Some Sets are Space Ships for NASA astronauts and other Planets like "Caprica" & "New Caprica" for Battlestar Galactica, others supposedly take place in Afghanistan, Romania, Pakistan and Canada but most sets in Vancouver are shot as if it were the U.S.A., hence we are "Hollywood North"I am responsible for the safe co-creation of each film set for a film production, I provide all necessary tools & equipment, hire the dressing crews and delegate the jobs according to script guidelines, director, production designer & set decorator specifications. (See Filmography for more details)