Group Shows​:

"Dreams & Divinities"
Art tour through Spain & France
- Centro Cultural de San Marcos, Toledo, Spain. March 22-30 2013
- Instituto de America, Santa Fe, Grenada, Spain. May 17 to June 2 2013
- Visionary Gallery of La Porta Soleil, Paris, France. Sep. 13 to Oct. 9 2013

InfinitUS Gallery - "Divine Align" 
Nov. 17 2012 to Feb. 22 2013
Kuranda, Queensland, Australia
Australia's first Visionary Art Galleryry

"Beloved"- Open-Air Sacred Art & Music Festival
August 10 to the 13th 2012.
Tidewater, Oregon, USA
Group show featuring Robert Venosa, Ben Barta, Autumn Skye Morrison,
Flora Bowley, Steeve Postman and many more.

American Visionary Art Museum
"All things ROUND- Galaxies, eyeballs & karma
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Oct. 7 2011 - Sep. 2 2012
Co-curated by founder-Director Rebecca Hoffberger and Mary Ellen Velhow bringing awareness of the circular and voluptuous nature of life.
A thematic Visionary Mega Exhibition of more than 70 artist Worldwide, from USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Israel & more in America's only official Museum for intuitive and self-taught artistry, including tribal art.
800 Key Highway, Baltimore, Inner Harbor, MD. USA

Alchemeyez- Visionary Art Congress
Hawaii Visionary Art Institute, Big Island
June 10-13 2010
International artist presentations & music festival

"Whomb of Creation"
Temple of Visions Gallery & Sacred Space
Grand Opening & International Group Show 
Curated by Jimmy Bleyer ( www.templeofvisions.com)
719 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, California
January & February 2010

"Moksha Art FAir" During Art Basel
7th Circuit Studio, 228 NE 59 St. Miami, Florida, USA
International Group Show 
Dec 3 - 6 2010

"Symbiosis Gathering"
4 th Annual Art & Music Festival
Yosemite, CA, USA 
September 17 - 21 2009

“Mapmakers – Visions in Contemporary Art “
Meta Gallery:  www.metagallery.com
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September 2008

"Interdimensional Art Show Tour", USA
Eugene, Oregon, June 5 2009, Fenario Gallery, one Month View
Seattle, Washington, May 23 2009, Columbia City Theatre
San Francisco, California, May 3 2009, Temple Night Club
Presented by www.tribe13.com & Starborne/ IAMU

Shambhala Music Festival
Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
Live painting collaborations with Autumn Skye Morrison
Visionary Gallery curated by Simon Haiduk
​August 2009 & 2010

Diversity Music & Art Festival
Texada Island, British Columbia, Canada
Visionary Art gallery curated by artist Tessa Rand
2009 & 2010

"A Suction Cup Symposium"
The Fall Gallery
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
November 2008

"Earthdance" Festival
International Group Show at Main Stage Gallery plus Live painting
Art, Music & Sustainability Festival, Art curated by Jen Ingram.
Laytonville, CA, USA 
September 2009

 “Live” Scrap Metal Sculpure Co-creation
Collaboration with Davide Pan
Pemberton Music Festival  (40,000 People)
Pemberton, British Columbia, Canada
July 24-27 2008

"In:vision 3.0" Full Moon Festival
Crystal Creek, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada
Plus- “Live” Painting Collaboration with Krya aka Claudia Nicoleti
Lucidome- Visionary Art Gallery
July 1-4 2005

“SYNERGENESIS”An experience of Transpersonal Visionary Art 
and Culture at the cusp of Human Coevolution 
Cellspace Gallery
San Francisco, California, USA
November 6 2004

“In:Flux” FestivalMultimedia Environment
 – Visionary Group Show
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
March 12 2005

“Simulacra” Art of Visual Perception
Soma Gallery
Anti-War colaboration with Filmmaker Andrew Stromatich
December 18 2002 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

“Anything Goes”
Fundraiser for Studios at Flying U RanchFend Players – Live Auction Event
North Vancouver, Tennis  Club, British Columbia, Canada
December 18 2002

“Harmony Arts Festival”
Dundarave, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
August  1999 & 2000

One little person,
giving all of his time to peace,
makes news
many people, giving some of their time,
can make history.
2003- The biggest Global Peace demonstrations 
in the history of political activism.
40 Countries represented in 217 pages
Hardcover Book
Hello Book by AK Press ( www.akpress.org )
Visions in Contemporary Art

Meta Gallery Exhibition 
Catalog of 15 Artist.
Featured in One of 2 Fold out Pages
metapress Toronto, Canada
September 2008
Limited Edition of 1300 copies
Essay by Erik Davis
Edited by Jody Polishchuk
Inquire at www.metagallery.com
WORLD WATCH Magazine       
Vision for a Sustainable World

Volume 22, Number 2, 
March / April 2009
Environmental Magazine created by 
The World Watch Institute, 
Washington, DC, USA.
Special Double Page Foldout Endpiece publication of Painting "Entanglement on the Verge of Extinction" and Biographical Text.

GOA - 
20 Years of Psychedelic Trance
20 Jahre Psychedelic Trance

By Tom Rom & Pascal Querner
Published in German & English 
by Nacht Schatten Verlag, 2010  www.nachtschatten.ch
270 page hardcover book
Collection of International Visionary Art and 
Music Festival stages & people Worldwide.

                   RAUL CASILLAS ROMO



A selection from over 5000 works submitted from over 200 of the best Visionary Artist in the Universe.
All members of the Private Network of Visionary Artist on the Ning Platform
http:// visionaryartgalley.weebly.com
Edited by Otto Rapp
Journal of Visionary Culture
Cosmic Creativity, Vol. 7

Alex & Allyson Grey's magazine that provides a forum for the emergence of Visionary Culture, featuring the work & stories of artist, thinkers & community builders dedicated to transformative living and the commitment to the integration of wisdom & art. CoSM informs, connects & inspires this evolving Global awareness. 
"God is the divine artist and the Universe is the continually evolving masterpiece of creation"
CoSM Press- August 2011
The galactik trading card oracle complex is a global arts initiative celebrating the emerging visionary culture through its art and designs. Featuring art from 40 countries on all 7 continents and designs from 20 different digital designers, this non-profit arts initiative celebrates the creative imagination while inspiring the creation of all forms of art and art culture. Visit www.elvism.net or contact delvin@cosm.org
"Alchemistas" Beyond the Veil


A collective Visionary art book that parts the veils. Experiencing our perceptive nature. 
Diving into the root of reality itself.
A book that expands consciousness 
and raises the vibration of the Planet !
Expressions of Love
 from a Global Community

Art book featuring over 60 artist.
Edited by Liba Waring
March 2013
A Journal of Visionary Culture
Community, Vol. 8
First page in the "Cosmic Gallery"

Chief Editors: Alex & Allyson Grey

Senior Managing Editor: Delvin Solkinson

COSM Press, 2014